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July 12, 2018

Most people feel relaxed and/or refreshed after a massage. Occasionally, some people experience post massage soreness the day after their massage. this is nothing to worry about. Most people feel a great reduction of their original muscle tightness and/or pain after th...

February 27, 2017


 Servings: 12

 Prep: 20 min

 Total: 1 hr 

 Difficulty: Easy

When making this crust, I prefer using a box grater to grate the Cauliflower. I find that the food processor can over process the Cauliflower leaving it mushy and watery.

By: Cat...

February 7, 2017


 Servings: 4

 Prep: 5 min

 Cook: 5 min

 Total: 10 min

 Difficulty: Easy

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This healthy and delicious recipe is great when you are needing something sweet to satisfy you. It's quick and easy and is full of healthy fat.


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October 8, 2015

This was a very special night. I had just finished my last round of chemo from my first bought with Ovarian Cancer and was very honored to have been asked to deliver this speech. Thank you to the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance for your continued support on this cance...

May 11, 2015

Here I am after my first round of chemo. My hair had started to fall out and I really did not want to go through the trauma of seeing it all in clumps on my pillow. With the help of my good friend and hair stylist Cynthia Surface, I went ahead and shaved my head and do...

February 22, 2015

I’ve decided to write a blog about what I am facing right now with regards to the uncertainty of cancer looming over me and the inevitable hysterectomy that I will be facing here in the next couple of weeks. My reasoning is because I have found writing to be a wonderfu...

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